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January 2018 meeting - Upcoming Events

  1. Youth Leadership Workshop Part II- Public Speaking (J/F cl. Pg. 13)
  2. New Family Orientation Part II- Recordbooks ( J/F cl. Pg. 13)
  3. County Exploring Workshop - Basketry
  4. Arts and Communications Festival
  5. Bowl-a-Thon (2/4, reg. by 1/28 early bird 1/13)
  6. Zombie Survival Day Camp and Summer Camp- CL J/F pg. 6,7  and 13
  7. State Teams- CL J/F pg. 11
  8. Art Beat
  9. Fond du Lac Co. Family Learning Day (CL J/F pg. 20-23)
  10. Scholarships

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to Nov 13

List of Events coming soon from Oct 2017 monthly meeting

    1. Christmas Party - committee formed in October 2017 Meeting
    2. Christmas Parade - TBD if doing this Sunday December 3rd with design soon & set up early the week before
    3. New Family Orientation Part I- ask Sadie F
    4. Fruit, Nut, and Cheese Sale- Help sort Dec 6th, noon, at Ziegler - ask Mr. S or Mrs. E
    5. Officer Training- ask Bridget D
    6. Older Youth Opportunities applications due 11/1, interviews 11/13/17 S/O CL 12-13
    7. Art Discovery Day 11/11, register by 10/25/17  S/O CL 26-28
    8. YMCA Lock-In (Dec 2-3) - ask Andrew B
    9. Fundraising Opportunity a Friday night TBD in December 2017- Winter on Main - ask Ally T
    10. Kettle Moraine State Forest activities - ask Eric R
    11. Salvation Army Bell Ringing - ask Paul L
    12. Youth Leadership Workshop Series - ask Bridget D
    13. Shooting Sports - ask Abby K

      *S/O CL: From Cloverline newsletter*


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April Notes

A couple of notes for everyone for the April 2017 meeting —

·        Please remember that the charities committee is collecting money for the Military Kids Camp project. (We will also vote on the motion to have the club donate an amount as well… it was tabled because we didn’t have a treasurer’s report last month.)  Feel free to bring spare change or more if you can! (not just parents…  kids can bring change too!)

·        Arts & Communication Festival participants:  your awards will be handed out at the meeting

·        We’ll mention it at the meeting, but please remember that the Kettle Moraine Gardens pet visit is April 17th… only a few days after the meeting.

·        The May meeting will be at the Kewaskum Middle School due to a scheduling conflict with the Wayne School concert.

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