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List of Events coming soon from Oct 2017 monthly meeting

    1. Christmas Party - committee formed in October 2017 Meeting
    2. Christmas Parade - TBD if doing this Sunday December 3rd with design soon & set up early the week before
    3. New Family Orientation Part I- ask Sadie F
    4. Fruit, Nut, and Cheese Sale- Help sort Dec 6th, noon, at Ziegler - ask Mr. S or Mrs. E
    5. Officer Training- ask Bridget D
    6. Older Youth Opportunities applications due 11/1, interviews 11/13/17 S/O CL 12-13
    7. Art Discovery Day 11/11, register by 10/25/17  S/O CL 26-28
    8. YMCA Lock-In (Dec 2-3) - ask Andrew B
    9. Fundraising Opportunity a Friday night TBD in December 2017- Winter on Main - ask Ally T
    10. Kettle Moraine State Forest activities - ask Eric R
    11. Salvation Army Bell Ringing - ask Paul L
    12. Youth Leadership Workshop Series - ask Bridget D
    13. Shooting Sports - ask Abby K

      *S/O CL: From Cloverline newsletter*