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November 2017 agenda

Wayne Crusaders November 14, 2017 (6:30 pm) Agenda

LOCATION: i4Learning (Wayne) Community School

1. Please silence all cell phones.

2. Pledges led by ________________________ and ___________________________.

3. Roll Call- Ambassadors- Paul loosen and Aly Taylor

4. Secretary’s Report and Correspondence

5. Treasurer’s Report

6. Talks/Demonstrations/Special Emphasis-

a. Amy Mangan-Fischer Introduction

7. Release Cloverbuds

8. Committee Reports-

a. Charities and Gifts- Mrs. Duren- Family Promise (BRING TO MEETING)

b. Leader’s Board Announcements- Traci Lawrenz

c. Community Service- Mrs. Zarda - Bell Ringing

d. Fundraising- Winter On Main- Mrs. Wenzlaff

-Fruit/nut/cheese sale – Mr. Stoffel

e. Activities- need committee?

f. Christmas Party Committee- Ally Taylor, Bridget Dean, and Nina Wood

9. Old Business


For new members:  AWW is not because the topic is cute!  It stands for “Anyone Who Went!”  So if you attended an event with AWW on the agenda, tell us about it!

Achievement and Recognition Night Bragging- AWW

b. Fall Forum- AWW

c. Art Discovery Day- AWW

d. Officer Training -AWW

e. Laamscapes!- AWW

f. Any other old business

10. New Business

a. New Family Orientation Part I Reminder- November 15- Rachel Etta      CL N/D p1

b. YMCA Lock-In- ADULT CHAPERONE NEEDED!!!(if any youth want to go)  CL N/D p12

c. Adult Volunteer Training, Upcoming Training Reminder- Bridget Dean  CL N/D p 5

d. Youth Leadership Workshop (December 4th)- Ally TaylorCL N/D p11

e. Arts and Communications Festival- Elizabeth Beine      CL N/D p12

f. Cloverbud / Exploring Workshops- Bridget Dean      CL N/D p11 & 12

g. Christmas Parade- Emily Kluever

h. Bowl-a-Thon- Sadie Fideler      CL N/D p 12

i. Winter Leadership Camp – Paul Loosen  County Website: Trips / Awards / Opportunities

j. Any other new business

11. Leaders’ Announcements

12. Reminders

a. Next Meeting- December 12, 2017 (at i4Learning (Wayne) Community School

b. Club Website:https://www.waynecrusaders.org


d. If you are going to be absent from a meeting- text Aly Taylor at (262) 343-0076

e. Send pictures to the Historians – Elizabeth Beine ateabeine1@gmail.com

13. Adjourn Meeting

Kelly Staffin