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Follow-up to May meeting

Here are a few items that need spreading, especially since we have been low on attendance the last several meetings.

·        If anyone is interested in helping review and revise the by-laws, please let me know asap.  Judy Etta, Tyler Gildemeister, and I are on the committee so far.  This is a mandate by the county to meet state 4-H and county guidelines and must be done by Oct. 1st.  Even if you are not on the committee, there will be more info coming because the committee can suggest changes, but they will need to be approved by the club multiple times before they go into effect.

·        Attached is an order form for Wayne Crusaders shirts.  Orders are handled by Carol Oelhafen.  Please contact her (not me… I know nothing!) at the email, fax, or phone number on the sheet with orders or questions.

·        If you weren’t able to come to the meeting (please make this a habit for all meetings) look at the agenda anyway.  There are topics, many with Cloverline references or people to contact for info.  Even if you are not there it is important to stay current on club goings on!

·        We are still very much in need of volunteers for several events / positions.  The club can not run on a few overworked people!  If we spread the tasks around, no one will need to do too much!

o   Adult to handle enrollment.  Julie Etta will train you in what needs to be done.  You will be part of our General Leader team, and we all support each other!

o   Adult to work with Eli Filber to chair the brat fry on Aug 25

o   Adult or older youth to plan activities or chair a committee to plan activities.  This would include things like tubing in February, maybe roller skating or swimming (we went to the TAG center in Mayville in the past), the Christmas party and club “picnic” in September.  You will not be alone!  There are always people to help if we just had a person to chair.  Different people may help with different activities, but it would be good to have a central person to coordinate stuff.

o   Adult or older youth to chair club booth for open house at Fair Park, Aug 15th. 

That’s all for now, but stay tuned …  minutes from May meeting will be coming soon!

Kelly Staffin