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New By-Laws 2018


 ARTICLE I – Name/Identity

 Section 1. Name

The name of this organization is the WAYNE CRUSADERS 4-H CLUB.

Section 2. Motto

The 4-H motto is “To Make the Best Better.”

Section 3.  Emblem

The 4-H emblem is a green four-leaf clover bearing a white “H” on each leaflet.  The UW-Extension co-branding guidelines require that the 4-H clover always appear with the UW-Extension logo.  See the Washington County 4-H website for detailed information on allowable emblem variations.

Section 4.  Pledge

The 4-H pledge is:           
I pledge my Head to clearer thinking, My Heart to greater loyalty, My Hands to larger service, and My Health to better living, for My club, my community, my country and my world.

ARTICLE II- Mission/Purpose

Section 1.  Mission of 4-H

The  UW Extension 4-H Youth Development Program uses a learn by doing approach to enable youth to develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills they need to become competent, caring, and contributing citizens of the world. This mission is accomplished by using the knowledge and resources of the Washington County UW Extension Office along with the involvement of caring adults.

Section 2.  Purpose of the Club

The purpose of this club is to provide an opportunity for youth to grow and develop skills in a wide range of areas. Through club and project meetings, social activities, leadership opportunities, and community service, youth are encouraged to try new experiences and challenge themselves in many areas.

ARTICLE III – Nonprofit Status

 This club is a nonprofit organization. Any funds received by the club for carrying out its purpose shall not accrue to the benefit of the individuals, but to the benefit of the 4-H Youth Development Program.

ARTICLE IV – Membership

Section 1.  Youth Enrollment

Any youth may become a member of this club by enrolling through “Wisconsin 4-H Online” before the county deadline each year and paying the annual club dues of $10 per youth, with a family maximum of $30.  Should a family find this a hardship, they should contact a general leader.  New members and existing members enrolling / re-enrolling after the county deadline should refer to the Washington County 4-H Project Enrollment Guide.

Youth in 3rd grade through one year following graduation from high school may be eligible for membership in 4-H.  Youth in K5 through 2nd grade may be eligible for membership as 4-H Cloverbuds.

Membership shall not be denied on the basis of race, color, religion, age, national origin, sex, creed, pregnancy, sexual orientation, or disability. Requests for reasonable accommodations for disabilities or limitations should be made prior to the date of activity for which it is needed.

Section 2.  Attendance

Members are expected to attend all of the monthly club meetings unless there is a health, school, dangerous weather, work, or other important conflict.  If unable to attend a meeting, members are expected to notify the club member or leader in charge of attendance as soon as possible before the meeting to be excused.  Members who attend or are excused from at least six meetings and have paid annual dues, are eligible to show in any project area at the Washington County Fair as a Wayne Crusader.  Those in 13th grade will be excused during the school year without notification.


Parents and Leaders are encouraged to attend monthly meetings whenever possible.  Because clubs could be held liable, youth that do not drive themselves must have an adult or driving sibling with them at the meeting or come inside to pick them up.

Section 3.  Recordbooks

Completed (regular, not simplified) recordbooks MAY be require by the UW Extension Washington County 4-H program to be eligible for certain awards, opportunities, or financial assistance for educational travel opportunities.  Completed (regular, not simplified) recordbooks ARE required by the Wayne Crusaders 4-H Club for awards, scholarships, or financial assistance for educational travel.  The simplified recordbook format may be used for members to keep track of their own activities.  Cloverbuds have their own recordbook format.

Section 4.  Participation Expectations

Members in 3rd grade or older who participate in at least two (2) fundraisers or community service activities are eligible to have their Washington County Fair season passes paid for by the club, subject to budget constraints.

Section 5.  Adult Enrollment

Adults may enroll to become leaders / volunteers any time during the year by enrolling through “Wisconsin 4-H Online” including the adult behavior agreement.  They must also participate in the youth protection program, VIP – Volunteers In Preparation, provided by the UW-Extension Washington County 4-H office.  See the UW-Extension Washington county Youth Development website for details.

ARTICLE V – Meetings

 Section 1.  Dates/Place/Cancellation

The regular meetings of the Wayne Crusaders 4-H Club shall be held on the second Tuesday of each month, unless otherwise announced.  Meetings from September through the following May will be held at the i4Learning Community School at 5670 Mohawk Road, Campbellsport (Town of Wayne.) Please enter in the main entrance and proceed to the cafeteria. Meetings will begin promptly at 6:30 PM unless otherwise announced.  Summer (June, July, and August) meeting locations will be announced prior to the June meeting.  They are typically held at one of the other Kewaskum School District schools, depending on availability.

General Leaders, may, at their discretion, cancel monthly club meetings due to weather conditions or other unavoidable conflicts.  Members will be notified by email.

Section 2.  Quorum

A simple majority (one-half plus one) of members must be present to conduct official business of the club, except for passing amendments, which requires a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the members present at the meeting.  (See Article IX.)

Section 3.  Order of Business

The following shall be the normal order of business followed at regular club meetings:

1.    Meeting called to order
2.   The Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H pledge
3.   Roll Call
4.   Secretary’s report, including minutes and correspondence
5.   Treasurer’s report
6.   Demonstrations, talks, and /or programs
7.   Cloverbuds are released to separate program
8.   Committee reports
9.   Old business
10.  New business
11.   Announcements
12.  Adjournment

Section 4.  Conduct Policy

All youth members and adults are expected to be polite and courteous to everyone else at club meetings, recreational outings, project meetings, workshops, educational travel experiences, the county fair, or anywhere they go.  Disruptive behavior can ruin an event for others.  Good behavior ensures the member can continue to participate fully in club activities.  As part of the enrollment process, youth and adult leaders sign a behavior agreement in “Wisconsin 4-H Online.”

 ARTICLE VI – Officers

 Members who have completed two years or more of 4-H and are at least 12 years of age are eligible to be nominated to run for an officer position.  Officers are expected to attend the County Officer Training Workshop if this is a new position, attend club officer meetings, and arrive at least 15 minutes before scheduled club meetings to help prepare.

The offices of this club shall include: president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, reporter, historian, and ambassador. 

·         The (1 or 2) president(s) will preside or co-preside at club meetings, sharing the responsibility with a co-president or the vice-president.  The president(s) will uphold the constitution and adhere to parliamentary procedure.  It will be the president’s responsibility to prepare a first draft of the agenda for the general leader(s). The president(s) is responsible for club property such as the flags and pledge banner used at the meetings.

·         The (1) vice-president shall preside at club meetings in the absence of the president(s) or may co-preside with the president(s).  The vice-president shall serve as chair of the committee to make the club educational booth at the Washington County Fair.

·         The (1 or 2) secretary(s) shall write minutes of each club meeting.  Within one week the secretary(s) shall send a copy of the minutes to the UW Extension Washington County 4-H office and a copy to a club general leader for electronic distribution. The secretary(s) will read the minutes of the last meeting, as well as any correspondence, at the following meeting.

·         The (1) treasurer shall be responsible for the club’s financial records, writing checks, making timely deposits of funds collected on the club’s behalf, reconciling bank statements, and having records in order for the yearly audit.  A written report shall be prepared for each meeting.

·         The (1or 2) reporter(s) writes reports on club events and submits them, with photos if available, to local newspapers.

·         The (1, 2, or 3) historian(s) collects newspaper clippings and photos of club recreational outings, community service, member and leader recognition etc., and keeps them neatly in a scrapbook which will be entered at the Washington County Fair.  The historian(s) also maintains the club bulletin board at the Wayne School cafeteria with 4-H or club themes.

·         The (1, 2, or 3) ambassador(s) assist the general leaders with club activities as needed by handing out things, collecting things, making sign-up sheets, etc.  The ambassador(s) should greet members at the beginning of each meeting, obtain roll call lists and take attendance, and assist member families in finding information.

ARTICLE VII – Nomination / Election of Officers

 Nominations for club offices will be at the August and September meetings.  Members may self-nominate.

The officers of this club shall be elected at the regular September club meeting. The terms of the offices shall be one year with the exception of the treasurer’s office which will be a two-year term. Members may hold a maximum of two consecutive terms in the same office, but may hold more than two terms if in different offices.

Voting is by majority rule and done by secret ballot after nominations close at the September meeting.  Ballots will be counted during the meeting and installation of officers will occur at the end of the September meeting.


Section 1.  Educational Travel Experiences

The club will reimburse members a portion of a 4-H educational travel experiences after a member returns and completes a presentation to the club.  Amounts are as follows:

·         Space Camp / Advanced Space Camp – $50.00

·         Wisconsin 4-H & Youth Conference –  $25.00

·         Citizenship Washington Focus ­–  $50.00

·         Citizenship Washington Focus – Presidential Inauguration – $50.00

·         4-H American Spirit Experience – $50.00

·         National 4-H Congress – $50.00

·         National 4-H Conference – $50.00

·         International 4-H Exchange – $100.00

·         Haiti – $100.00

Section 2.  Scholarships

The club may award up to three (3) $250 scholarships. Applications will be available from a general leader at the February and March meetings or upon request.   Completed applications need to be turned in to a general leader at or before the April club meeting.  To be eligible to apply for a club scholarship, an applicant must have been a member of the Wayne Crusaders for at least five (5) years and have been a youth leader in at least one (1) project.  Winners will be announced at the June meeting. The scholarship will be paid out after the first grading period, following grade submission to a general leader, with a GPA at a minimum of 2.0 on a 4.0 point scale or equivalent.  Grades must be submitted within one (1) year of the end of the first grading period or scholarship may be forfeited.

Section 3: Donation Limits

Donations exceeding the amount of $50.00 will need to be approved by a general leader before a final vote. General leaders have the authority to spend funds towards gifts and rewards at the club level, not to exceed $25.00 per gift, with a limit of $200.00 per year.

ARTICLE IX – Amendments

The by-laws may be amended at any regular meeting by a two-thirds vote cast by the members in attendance, providing notice has been given at the two (2) previous meetings, and the proposed changes have been made available for members to examine in print form or by electronic means such as email or on the club website.

ARTICLE X – Dissolution

If the club disbands, all club assets shall be assigned to the Washington County 4-H Trust Fund.

Date of revision 6/2018

Kelly Staffin