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Important Information

Please note that the June, July, and August meetings will be at the Kewaskum Elementary School!!  (the i4Learning Center in Wayne is not open / available in summer.)

Attached is a copy of the shirt order form in case you still want one but misplaced your order form.

Come early (5:30) if you want help with your fair entries.

Remember that although the club is paying the wristband fees for youth, if you have pen fees, etc. that money needs to be turned in at the meeting if possible, by the 20th at the latest.

Adult Volunteer passes for $15 and 4 hours of volunteering at the fair need to be paid as well.  You can volunteer at the food stand during Wayne’s hours or in many other ways by signing up online.  See the Cloverline for a link or go to the county website and click the fair tab. 


  1. Wayne Crusaders will be paying for MEMBER wristbands only. SO when you sign up for your entries YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR A WRISTBAND. You will do this at the end when it asks about fees (there is no longer a tab in the beginning like there was last year).
  2. When signing up for animals, you will need to make a check payable to Wayne Crusaders or cash is acceptable.
  3. If you signed up for 10 chickens and decided at payment time you are only taking 8, YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR 10. This is a new rule this year for any animals you are signing up to take.
  4. IMPORTANT: I will need your pen fees and have you sign up no later then JUNE 20th. Unless you made arrangements to be late, I will no longer except anything late. I have to make time to review and get this in to Fair park on time.
  5. ADULT wristbands: please review the newsletter for details to sign up for your hours. You will put your hours on the list at the JUNE meeting, if you have not done so already. AND you have to pay the $15.00 by June 20th. The food stand counts as hours. Sign up will be available at the JUNE meeting.
  6. I will be at Kewaskum Elementary at 530 to assist with signing up (I will need you to log in with your password because I don’t have one)
  7. If you signed up and will be coming to the meeting in JUNE, bring a copy of what you signed up to take to the fair. If you do it after, and turn it in June 20th, please bring a copy as well.
    Any Questions please ask Rene.

Other Requests:

**Please remember to bring food donations to our June meeting for the
Kewaskum Community Pantry.  It will be our last charity collection for the summer. 
Have a great day
Barb Duren
Charities and Gifts committee

**We are in desperate need of club pictures from events you have go e to and participated in the 4h year for the Historians to do the club scrapbook for fair this year. Please bring the already printed along to the June meeting.


Kelly Staffin